The Kenya Adult Learners’ Association is a non-partisan, non-religious and voluntary organization founded in 1990 during the International Literacy Year, by a group of adult learners, led by Magdalene Gathoni, who graduated from a state of an illiterate adult to the point of obtaining primary and secondary education.

Her idea of forming an association that would provide an avenue for adult learners in Kenya and beyond to articulate their issues was received with enthusiasm as the general decline in the provision of adult education in Kenya made many adult learners shy from the programme.

The formation of KALA empowered learners to take an active part in adult literacy programmers’ through mobilization and economic empowerment programmers as well as by democratizing adult education programme.

The association forms an important resource base for innovative programmes such as economic empowerment, functional adult literacy activities and continuing education which catalyse the participation of adult learners in adult education programmes in Kenya.

KALA understands the need for continuing education and learning of skills for adults (who are mainly women) and youths as links to income generation, productive work and family health.

The association therefore, serves as platform to articulate the perspective of adult learners on literacy by taking part in policy and implementation of the adult education programmes in Kenya.